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Julie Antti is an actor, musician and dancer who's passion for the arts fuel her life.


Raised by a single dad who was an acrobat and clown for the California Renaissance Pleasure Faire and Dicken's Christmas Faire, Julie grew up surrounded by the performing arts. She quickly took to them all. The Faire gave her the foundation for her professional career as an actor, singer, dancer, and musician.  

Through years performing children's theater, community theater, and Shakespeare, Julie gained an appreciation for characters with diversity and complexity. She is a storyteller that loves making people feel through her performances. 

Theater lead to film. More recently, she has expanded her work to include commercial, industrial and voice over acting. She has matured with her roles from ingenue into Mom/business professional. Her greatest high comes from moving an audience to tears and laughter. She loves learning from new directors, is inspired by challenge, and constantly honing her craft. 

Julie currently works with the sketch comedy group, Hot and Funny. She is thankful for the opportunity to create comedic content online during the Covid-19 pandemic. ​ 


Julie has played double bass, mandolin, and sang in several bands. Currently, she does all 3 in her musical comedy duo, Bugs In Costumes. Though covid-19 prevents gigs, they continue to have  socially distanced, outdoor, masked rehearsals. She’s also keeping her practice up by playing traditional music with friends online. She longs to play music for live audiences again, when it is safer. ​Until then, practice practice practice. 


Julie’s love of dance began when she could barely stand and continues to this day. Her early training was in ballet and jazz. Most of her adolescent hours were dedicated  to competitive gymnastics. Julie has studied too many dance genres to list, but whether onstage or in the clubs, belly dancing or ballet, leader or follower, she loves it all.

Other Passions: 

Julie is a proponent of the environment. Growing up in California, very aware of droughts, she is constantly searching for little ways to conserve waste. She encourages others to think outside the landfill, and reduce waste. Julie believes that by living more sustainably, we can heal the earth. It’s a job she takes seriously as a human of earth.

Julie loves working with children and animals, and making people laugh so hard that they cry. 



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